What is The Great Online Game

First coined by Packy McCormick, The Great Online Game, is an infinite game played across the internet. If you hit certain buttons on your keyboard in the right order you might make new friends, get a new job, and even be able to buy a house. This newsletter takes you behind the scenes of how I’m approaching playing this game. Currently, I’ve selected the following characters: Entrepreneur, Social Media Influencer, and Writer. This newsletter documents the process of how I’m leveling up, the mental models I acquire, as well as all the wins and losses that come with building a startup and personal brand.

Who is Dante?

👋 Hey, my name’s Dante. I’m currently 22 years old, unemployed, and building a mental health startup all while growing my personal brand. I’m documenting all of it here. The best way to connect with me is on Twitter, say what’s up!.

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Dante Kim
Passionate about gamification, knowledge management, and entrepreneurship. Currently documenting the process.